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Additional Rental Options

The following extra options are also available to make your car rental experience in Athens more comfortable:

Baby seat (BBS)

You can pre-order a Baby Seat (obligatory for driving in Greece if a baby is on board) so that it will be waiting for you in your rental car. 
Please note that for liability purposes you may have to install it yourselves.
Starting from as low as 2,50 € per day when booked online.

Booster seat (BOO)

You can pre-order a booster seat,so it can be used in your rental car.
Starting from as low as 1,00 € per day when booked online.

GPS Navigation (GPS)

Never get lost during your car rental experience in Athens.
Hire a GPS navigator equipped vehicle and make sure that you will always find the way to where you want to go.
Starting from as low as 0,50 € per day when booked online.

Transfer to Airport or Port (TRN)

Uncertain drop off location, changed plans ? For your convenience, you can arrange a transfer at the airport or the port. Service can be arrangeed through our website and is valid only for customers that hired a car, from any offices,businesses or home address. 
Starting from as low as 13,00 € per day when booked online.
Please note that all special equipment is subject to availability. Even for special equipment items offered for free, you need to include them in your reservation to ensure availability during car pickup.